Monday, May 24, 2010


I have finally been more proactive in getting current photos of my own personal face painting work.  Until the site redesign for parties by Stacey I will have them updated regularly here: Stacey's face painting pictures

The classes I took last summer really paid off I think.  When I look back at stuff I was doing a year ago, it's amazing how much my work has improved.  It's fun experimenting too with new products and brushes and jamming with painters who are leaps and bounds better than I am .  At first it's a little intimidating, but I find that as I paint with them it drives me to push against my internal limits (the little "I can't" voice inside) and really push myself.

The penguin and the hummingbird are a couple examples.  A few months ago I would have told the girls no, I can't paint penguins (hummingbirds).  I had a hard time with birds for some reason, but I tried last week and am pretty happy with how it turned out (and they were thrilled)!

I know I am not the BEST facepainter out there by any means (but when parents tell me I am the best they've seen it feels SO good!) so I am going to keep watching those You Tube videos, going to workshops and jams and buying new products and try to keep growing as an 'artist'. 

Find something you love to do and learn it, love it, DO it!!!

  (rainbow butterfly May '09)    

   (rainbow butterfly May '10)   

xo Stacey

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