Friday, February 18, 2011

Rain Rain go away?

Not sure why but it used to be that when there was a rain forecast our clients would furiously scramble to change their party date to the following week.  Most of the time it ended up being nice the original weekend they had planned it for and raining the next but they made do with the new date somehow since you really don't want to inevitably postpone your child's party for many reasons.

Now it seems, however, that we get additional bookings when rain is on the horizon.  I get desperate calls on Thursday and Friday prior to the weekend wanting a clown, a facepainter, a magician...SOMETHING, ANYTHING, "to entertain all those kids that will be in my house on this rainy day, we planned a jumper/ponies/petting zoo but now it can't come"

And I can help them!!! Most of the time anyway we can figure it out and fit them in.  And it feels good.  Because I have an in-house staff of performers and own most of our own costumes we can grab that clown costume and get it to the performer with an opening in their day.  And if one of my own people are not available, guess what?  I have been in business since 1994 so I have a HUGE roster of reliable, talented, independent performers and colleagues who may have an opening in their day! 

So don't be embarassed or apologetic when you call us at the last minute.  That's what we're here for!

 Stacey (who plans to party rain or shine this weekend!)

Image: Lisa McDonald /